Handmade Beats for Independent Artists


Hello there!

My name is Mina. I'm a producer from Hamburg, Germany, with a weakness for Lofi, Soul and everything retro.

I've been producing music of various genres for several years now, but when it comes to beats I just love the organic Lofi vibe, that perfect imperfection.

Apart from being a producer I've been a guitarist for 25 years, specialised in Soul, Rnb and Funk. So, if you listen to one of my beats you can bet that I played that guitar part - no loop!

I take pride in being able to offer something you won't find anywhere else, not even in one of my other beats. My parts are unique.

Thus, I wish to inspire you to write unique lyrics and melodies, helping you create something special.

So, make yourself at home! Feel free to browse, read one of my blog articles or send me a messsage if you didn't find the answer you were looking for.